Fad Diets - Why Are They Bad?

Like most of the quick weight loss diet programs including fad diets, why are they bad for the body?

Fad diets are a sort of diet plan or aid that aims at losing weight, usually in a relatively short time. Fad diets attract a large number of people who suffer from weight problems and are helplessly looking to some way of arriving at a shapely physique. The problem with fad diets is that their fat-reducing effect is temporary and results in quick regain of weight. What is worse is that most of these diets are harmful to health. This is the main reason why fad diets are bad for the body.

Fat diets are not as new as they might seem at first. It started more than a century ago when an obese Londoner was prescribed fad diets on experimental basis. It is only after a century and a half that fad diets have become popular as a kind of weight loss diet plan. Teens and young adults especially flock to fad diets for answers to weight problems.

Fad diets are usually centered on a higher consumption of fats or proteins while stressing to go easy on or, in some cases, completely cut out carbohydrates. It is the low intake of carbohydrates that brings about rapid weight loss. In fact, this rapid loss is the loss of water that glycogen has stored. With loss of glycogen, the large amount of water stored in it is also lost and body weight drops. The fats are still there and as the fad diets are given up, the body regains its proportion of water lost. Weight is put back on as fast as it was lost.

People on fad diets may feel weak and fatigue. Normally, carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. Since fad diets rip off carbohydrates the body will use stored fat for energy and this may seem beneficial but in fact it is not. Without carbohydrates, fats cannot be completely oxidized and put to work. This is the reason why people feel tired and weak. In addition, the ketone molecules resulting from the fat-breakdown accumulate in the blood and are excreted out via urine, causing dehydration.

Given the harmful health effects of fad diets, it is important for us, especially the weight-conscious people, to recognize and beware of these diet plans. Watch out for diets that:

• Promise quick weight loss
• Publicize before and after pictures
• Present weight-loss testimonials
• Tend to limit natural food choices
• Require a large sum of money

Fad diets may be popular, but it is very bad for your body. It could lead to death from fad diets. Be careful with any diet or exercise program and ask your doctor to be sure it is safe.

The best solution to lose weight is to lose fat and not water or muscles. A sensible diet with adequate exercise is the answer to it.

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Benefits of Aerobic Exercise For Weight Loss and Fitness

Most often than not, aerobic exercise is associated with weight loss, health and fitness. Aerobics does not require full blast of energy but are done at moderate levels of intensity for a longer time to achieve optimum level of fitness as well as for weight loss. The key to weight loss is to increase heart rate and metabolism by spreading out moderate levels of energy over a longer period of time to trigger the use of fat in energy production. Doing it right could be a cure for obesity. High intensity of aerobic exercise and workout movement meets all the above requirements for weight loss and fitness.

During aerobic exercise, your body breaks down glycogen to use for energy. If there is not enough glycogen in the body, you start using fat reserves instead, which is why you lose weight. Unlike anaerobic exercise such as weight training and strength exercise, aerobic exercise requires more on body’s stamina and not muscle strength.

However, there are many people prefer weight training to aerobics for weight loss. The reason is weight training requires muscle strength to build muscles and burns fat as well, whereas aerobics only requires more on stamina and endurance. Both have its pros and cons, it really depends on one’s preference. If your aim is only for fitness or simply to lose weight, aerobic exercise can be a simple and effective method for busy people.

Do not overlook the important of aerobics. Other than losing weight, there are many other benefits including strengthening of repertory muscle, train the heart to pump more efficiently, increase blood flow and oxygen in the body, and increase endurance. Aerobics can effectively decrease the risk of death due to cardiovascular problems and of osteoporosis in both men and women.

Aerobic exercise can be done from home or attend classes with groups. Many doctors recommend it to patients as a mean to maintain healthy lifestyle. Regardless of age, youngsters or seniors, aerobic exercise is one of the best forms of activities to keep fit as well as for weight management.

Are you interest to learn how aerobics can change your life? Consult the health care professional what types of aerobic exercises will work best for your body. Aerobics are the key to living a healthier and physically productive life, so don’t wait another day before starting a new healthy program that includes aerobics.

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Benefits of Increasing Your Metabolism

The key to successful weight loss is by increasing your metabolism. What is metabolism? Metabolism is the process of burning calories in your body naturally all day long whether you exercise or not, including when you are asleep. As metabolism increases, more fluid are taken in and thus weight loss would happen gradually. Increasing metabolism does not result in rapid weight loss but 1 to 2 pounds a week is possible. By increasing the metabolism you are giving the body a need to have more amount of protein.

Although exercise could increase metabolism but one must choose the right exercises that are suitable and effective for his or her body type. Increasing the metabolism must come before trimming down on calories. Otherwise, it is just another weight loss diet plan that can harm your body badly.

By increasing metabolism you can enjoy many of the following benefits:

• Reduce your time for exercise because you do not need so much exercise to burn fat. In other words, you can have more time spend on other activities.

• Weight loss is long term. No other rapid weight loss diet plan can provide such long term results without gaining weight again.

• No worry on foods. You do not have to ignore the favorite food and you need not spend so much time just preparing non-fat meals.

• You have stronger muscle and live healthier. You will feel stronger and have more energy in whatever you are already doing.

• You have stronger immune system. You are less prone to disease because your immune system will increase together with the metabolism.

These benefits are very simple but these are very important especially for the well-being of an individual. When we exert effort and work hard on our objectives like losing weight, impossible will not even be a fact at all.

These benefits are just some of the many increasing your metabolism could offer - so what are you waiting for?

Download the ways to increase metabolism now - Turbulance Training Fat Loss System

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Why Do We Need Fats In Our Diet?

Why your body needs fat? From nutritional point of view, fats are potentially harmful elements to your body. People who are health conscious always avoid fats as far as possible. While this is true in general, it does not necessary imply that all fats are bad. In fact, fats are the chief form of energy and are necessary for maintaining proper health as long as it is not over consumed. During times of unavailability of food, the fats that stored in the body will provide energy to prevent starvation.

Why fats are the chief form of energy and not carbohydrates?

Glycogen which is the dominant form of the body’s carbohydrates, requires a great deal of water to hold in the body. As the body cannot hold this bulk of water, it can only provide limited energy when needed. Fats, on the other hand, will not require water to bond and stay in the body. Therefore, they can store much more energy than glycogen in a small space.

Depends on the conditions, fats are required to provide energy in the form of heat such as people doing hard physical labor and people in cold climates. Moreover, there are fats surrounded the vital organs of the body that served as shock absorbers. Also, the layer of fat beneath the skin prevents the body from extremes of temperature conditions. Fats also dissolve some essential nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, and K. Without some fats in our diet, we cannot survive.

The fact that weight gaining is often associated with anorexia and other eating disorders, such as binge eating. Fat which is consumed in moderate amounts is actually healthy for your body. A healthy lifestyle should consist of more good fats than bad ones.

Good fats are actually good for your heart such as omega 3, which is found in many foods including fish, seeds, and plants. Theses are polyunsaturated fats. On the contrary, try to avoid fried and oily foods that mostly found in fast food. It consists of large amount of saturated fat that is very bad for your health.

Even bodybuilders who are on strict diet do not completely avoid fats and carbohydrates but only limit its intake to a small percentage for body energy. Remember to eat a small amount of good fats every day so that you can maintain good health

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Aerobics for Beginners

If you are just getting started with aerobics, you might be feeling overwhelmed. It is true that there are many ways to work out, and that if you can manage to get a good workout you are going to be much more healthy. It is also true that you need to have a course of workout in which your body is moving fast and your heart and lungs are forced to work harder than when you are at rest. This is called aerobic exercise, and it is something that is very important that you understand.

Always start from the beginning and slowly work your way up to advance level. Beginning aerobics are very easy and it can be done anywhere even from home. The point is to get your blood flowing, you may try jogging in place and moving your arms and legs in order to get your heart rate up. Then, you gradually increase the intensity and repetitions. For instance, running in place lifting your leg as high as possible or doing a series of movements with high speed can be an excellent aerobic exercise if your heart can take it. Another advance aerobics is rope skipping.

Something else that you should keep in mind is that aerobics often work better with music. The way that it works is that you can use the music to keep your tempo and to keep you working hard. You can also time your exercises with music – you can do one set for an entire song, for instance. Music can be your motivator and it can help you keep working out. For example, you can add music to step aerobics. This can be very fun and you won’t be bored by the monotonous movements you already get used to.