How Long Should You Stay On The Atkins Diet?

How long should you stay on the Atkins diet to achieve maximum weight loss? The effectiveness of Atkins diet depends on the durations of the diet you stick with it. The average time is six months to a year for maximum weight loss success. The Atkins diet has a four-step process that must be followed to achieve optimum weight loss. If you aim to achieve such result and breaks it, then you must restart the four-phase again so it is important to stick to it during this period.

Many people loss a few pounds with only a few weeks on the Atkins diet and results in gaining back the lost weight commented that this diet does not work. It is actually their own behavior that is preventing them from attaining their weight loss goals. How long should you stay on the Atkins diet depends on how much weight you need to lose and your nutritional desires. Since Atkins diet focus on reducing carbohydrates and controlling blood sugar levels with every meals, it is recommended to keep to this for a period of time not only to to achieve maximum weight loss but also to maintain vibrant health at the same time.

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You may also check with your doctor to determine your weight loss goals and duration of the diet. Set the goals into weeks for easy monitoring will do the trick. Setting goals in weekly basis will provide motivation to carry on since you only need to weigh once a week. The benefit is that your weekly drop of 5 lbs is more convincing than what you saw from yesterday.

You may not be able to determine how long you should stay on the Atkins diet but if you stick to it for a few months and set your weight loss goals in weekly basis, you are very sure to see a big difference in your figure. However, as if many weight loss programs, it is most likely people will gain back the weight and much more after they discontinue the diet program. The only way to keep the fat off permanently is to elevate the body's metabolism by exercising. If you combine a sensibly eating habit and exercise routine, you are on the way to weight loss success.

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Overcoming Weight Loss Plateau in 2 Easy Ways

It is very common you will hit a weight loss plateau along your weight loss journey and easily be de-motivated by it. This situation is only temporary and overcoming weight loss plateau is not difficult by changing diet and exercise routine.

First off, have you been eating too less or too much? Eating too less does not mean you will lose weight fast. Instead your body will go into starvation mode and burn less calorie. If you have been eating too much, you need to control your calorie intake. Your calories input must be less than your calories burned. Eat smaller and frequent meals, drink more water and eat more high fiber foods. Green tea helps to increase your metabolism so it is good to consume at least 2 cups per day. With the correct eating habits and healthy food, the body's metabolism will always remain high which means more calories burned. Altering diet is the first thing to overcoming weight loss plateau. It is not an option but a necessity if you want to continue losing weight.

Another necessary step to overcoming weight loss plateau is to change your workout or exercise routine. Are you adopting the same exercise routine for the past few weeks? If yes, then you must adjust your exercise routine with higher intensity or with longer endurance. This is due to your body already accustomed to your exercise routine and start to burn fewer calories. If you are concentrating on weight training, you may try to add more aerobics or cardiovascular exercise to your existing workouts and push your endurance to its limit. It is also good to try different exercises to "shock" your body so that it will continue to burn more calories. Some fitness experts recommend interval training to increase resting metabolism. This result in more calories burned while you sleep.

The above 2 steps will effectively overcome weight loss plateau and by the next scale reading probably in two week’s time you will be please to see your weight dropping to a new low record.

All in all, overcoming weight loss plateau is about eating sensibly and changing exercise routine consistently. There is no other weight loss method that can beat it. With all these in mind, it's time to challenge yourself to lose weight effectively with fat loss easy diets. There are many positive feedback from users all over the world. That's the guarantee when you choose the right choice.

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