Differences Between Power Lifting and Bodybuilding

Power lifting is a sport that came from bodybuilding. Although both have different goals but one of the benefits is undoubtedly in strength building. So what makes the two sports different from each other? The main thing that separates the two is competition. When you compete in power lifting, your goal is to impress the judges by moving as much weight as you can whereas in bodybuilding your goal is to show big and defined muscles.

Power lifting competitions will include squat, bench press, and dead weight. Competitors are put into classes that are determined by different factors like the experience and age and are asked to lift in each of the three competitions. As compared to bodybuilding, there is no need to remove hair or flex muscles with different poses to win the game; it is how much weight you have lifted that determines the winner.

Power lifters should have enough protein to optimize muscle building and avoid bad carbohydrates and bad fats such as potatoes and fried foods. Although muscles are not required for power lifting competition but more muscles will provide more strength in general. Staying slim will also benefit power lifters. You should remember that power lifting, is not a measure of how much body fat you have or definition, so if you would happen to put on a few extra pounds, it will not affect how judges see you. Losing the body fat, however will promote a healthier lifestyle completely. You will be able to feel better in the gym when you are weight training and if you cut back on the junk food from your diet.

Just like bodybuilding, power lifting requires good training routine and dedication for the workouts to keep going. Rest is a must between workouts for muscles to recover and occasionally take a good week off every two to three months to allow the body to breath. This is a method that is used by many different trainers and is found to be a great benefit in most people.

Overall, power lifting can both be beneficial to your health and reward you in the competitive sport and keep you dedicated to it as you see the progression from week to week. You will need to focus on winning against your own goals and beating the other lifters. Keep your positive attitude and you will succeed in this great sport.

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