What Is Metabolic Rate - What Can Affect Metabolism?

The metabolic rate in your body determines how fast you can lose weight. If you’ve been on diet and exercising and nothing seem to work then you must find out what are the factors that affect your metabolism.

Age – As we age, the metabolism tends to slow down. It’s a natural human cycle but with some exercises your metabolic rate can be slowly improved.

Stress – Stress has a lesser influence among all other factors but when stress disrupts some of the body’s processes, metabolism will be affected and hence slow down. It is true that most of the people eat more when they are stressed or depressed. Eating serves as the catharsis for them.

Hormone - A gland in our bodies called “thyroid” is responsible for our weight and other bodily processes. The hormonal production in the body involving the thyroid will certainly affect every person and thus, giving different effects to each. That is why people come in different metabolism and different sizes. Genes have something to do with it too.

Water – Water intake is one of the important factors that will affect your metabolism. Those who hydrate well have the chance to have faster metabolism than those who have lower levels. Inadequate water intake may impede body processes thus affecting one’s metabolic rate. Remember to drink as much water as you can.

Diet – Food intake is a major concern for people trying to control weight. Differences between nutritious food and junk food will determine how healthy you are. Most busy people who choose fast food will lead them to an unhealthy diet, giving them higher calorie intake compared to those who choose healthy food. More calories mean more weight to gain. The general rule is that you have to choose the foods that speed up metabolic rate such as vegetables and fruits.

Activities - Activities involving the body are one of the top determinants of metabolic rate. More movements mean more energy required therefore more calories burned. People who sit in office and desk bounded all day long will have a slower metabolism compared to construction workers.

Muscle Mass - Muscles are the biggest factor in a person’s metabolic rate. The more the muscular tissues are, the higher the metabolic rate would be. Muscles burn more calories and this makes people with more active muscle tissues lose weight faster than those who do not.

The above factors will determine the body’s metabolism. People must be aware of these factors so that it will be easier for them to work out on their target weight management and choose their own means of slimming down.

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